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Steps to activate your BookyBot FREE TRIAL


Click the button


Execute the process of contracting your free plan by following the three steps on the right:

  1. Press the buttonCheck in.

  2. Fill out the registration form.

  3. Press the buttonGet plan.


Under no circumstances will you be asked for credit card information nor will you be obligated to anything. If you don't like the service, you can stop using it without any commitment.


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Registration image.jpg
End of contract.jpg



If you have registered correctly, you will be inside your account in the customer area.

Select the My restaurant option from the options that appear when you click on the arrow



In this form:

  • Fill in the name of your restaurant.

  • Fill out the email to send messages left by clients if no one answers when transferring a call.

  • Fill in the phone number to transfer calls to.

  • AND VERY IMPORTANT: fill out the Merchant ID field of your RESTOO reservation book.

       You will find it in your application URL           REST:

In this form you will also see the telephone number in which you respondBookyBot.



And finally, in your reservation book of                           :

Activate the BookyBot service within the integrations optionfrom the Restoo app.

For it:

  1. Enter the Restoo application and click on the optionIntegrations.

  2. Then click on the serviceBookyBot.




And when you have tried it and see how well it works, you canactivate call forwarding from your restaurant's phone number to the phone number where yourBookyBotand that has been assigned to you automatically. In this way, the calls you receive will begin to be answeredBookyBot.

Do you need help with the activation process?

Call us during business hours at +34 91 933 28 42

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