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Make a difference: never miss a single phone booking

You're attending to your customers at your restaurant and other customers are phoning. You're talking to your employees about the day's work plan and customers phone you. You're doing the restaurant math after a tiring day and customers phone you. You're taking a break to relieve some stress, and customers phone you!

It's a great sign to receive so many calls, but it becomes a problem when you can't handle them all. Well, for you it's a problem, for the competition it's lucky, that they're going to keep a customer of yours who could have been loyal to you and brought more customers.

One Call Can Make a Difference to the Competition

If this situation repeats itself day after day, and one call one day turns into seven a week, and so on, you must be losing business and reputation for your restaurant and for yourself.

Does this mean that you can't serve your customers in peace? Does it mean you can't talk to your employees without being interrupted? Does it mean you can't take a break?!

Well, you can stop losing bookings and not give up any of this. In fact, you can do it all and still offer exquisite phone service. If you want to check it out, just try the free version of our virtual assistant. It answers all calls 24 hours a day and saves you a lot of time, since, as it is synchronized with the reservation book, it takes care of managing the tables.

Don't lose any customers and make a difference

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