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The voice of your reservations

Forget the stress of answering the phone in your restaurant

BookyBot® takes care of managing your client's calls

Don't lose reservations because you can't serve your customers

Cheerful waitress

BookyBot® serve your clients 24x7

BookyBot® is the assistant you need to assist your custumers over the phone.

BookyBot® handles calls from your clients who want to reserve a table, cancel or modify a reservation.

BookyBot® answers 24x7, does not miss calls if several customers call at the same time, It transfers the call to the restaurant if the customer wants.

Improve attention!!!

Optimize your staff!!!

Save costs!!!



BookyBot® talk to your customers as if it were a human and understands what they say by speaking in natural language:

"Hello, I want to reserve a table for 3 people for this Friday at 3 pm"

Increase the number of reservationsand reduce your costs...

Avoid loss of reservations* due to calls you don't answe(out of hours or because people calls you during peak hours or several clients calls at the same time).

* Losing 30 reservations a month by not answering 30 calls can mean a loss of business of €1,800.

BookyBot® notifies you immediately if a customer has not completed their reservation and gives you theitphone number in case you want to call him and not miss a potential reservation.

With BookyBot you reduce the cost of handling phone calls you receive to make reservations by 70%*.

* In an average restaurant it generates a saving of €630 per month.

BookyBot® It also has the functions of virtual switchboard 

No you need to hire a switchboard and a virtual assistant: BookyBot® is both.

BookyBot® allows you to configure menus with options, with transfers to different phones, sending SMSs and much more.


You can use the same phonefor reservations, orders, suppliers...


 With BookyBot®It's easy to manage all the types of calls you receive in your restaurant.

Multilanguage and customizable

Decide which languages you want to serve your customers.

Customize your BookyBot® however you wantchange the messages that BookyBot says to your customers in real time and other settings that allow you to adapt it to your restaurant.


Alerts you so you don't lose a single client

BookyBot®  doesn't miss calls because attends 24x7, take simultaneous calls and attends your custumers when you are in full service.

BookyBot®  offers alternatives if the restaurant is full.

Transfers you the call if the client requests it.

Alerts you if the client has hung up without making a reservation, 

Cafe Owner

Easy to activate and contract, without permanence

You contract it online, you can start using it instantly and you can cancel the service whenever you want.

We give you all the support you need to start using it.

Without permanence, you cancel whenever you want.


Become a bookyer

Activate your BookyBot® online NOW!

You have doubts?

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